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We cover almost every aspect of acting and business presentation skills. Our students are of all ages and walks of life. See how we can help you get the right skills to put your career on the right track.

acting classes

Acting Classes

Acting is for all ages and levels from beginning acting to audition prep and getting an agent. We guide you from foundational concepts through in-depth character development.

stage presence

Stage Presence

Stage Presence can help you look confident. Learn techniques to handle stage or camera fright. Our classes help you give the best impression to your director and auditions.

Confidence Building

Confidence Building is a must for everyone whether you are in acting, in business or social everyday living. These classes offer techniques that can help you build confidence for success.

audition preparation

Audition Preparation

Audition Prep can help you be fully prepared for every type of audition. Learn the techniques and requirements of in person and video auditions in today’s world.

film and television classes

Film & TV Preparation

Film and Television techniques can help you with auditions for film, television and commercials. It gives you terminology, directions and techniques to be successful. 

character building and development

Character Development

These classes delve into in-depth techniques on making your character believable to the audience. Knowing these techniques can help you gain the attention of your director.

We offer Virtual Classes, too!

Online Classes and Virtual Coaching!

Don’t have the time to drive to class? We now offer online/virtual classes. We now have multiple ways you can take live training while you maintain your busy lifestyle. Ask us how today!

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Our Experience “Shows!”

Acting in St. Augustine is not just for actors. It is a place where everyone can build self-confidence and learn not only acting skills, but learn how to present themselves for social and business situtations. Presenting yourself with confidence is the key to success! We have over 38 years of experience to help you be successful! Call (904) 701-3289 today to find out more.

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