Character Building & Development

character building and development

Our Character Development classes delve into in-depth techniques to make your character believable.

Knowing these techniques can help you gain the attention of your director.

There are several processes and techniques you can learn to be able to create believable characters for stage, television and film. Character development techniques are crucial to gaining that extra edge in your acting career.

We all have experiences but learning how to channel it into the character we are portraying is the key. Sometimes we have to try other techniques to capture and create an experience a feeling or movement that we haven’t yet experienced in order to make the character come to life. That is where character development takes on a whole new direction for actors. Learning how to make all the emotions and moods come to life can be fun, interesting or a challenge in order to make it believable.

These many moods and emotions also have many levels and types depending on the character and their background, so expanding on these levels and types can help you create a dramatic yet believable character to capture your audience.

Want to be the best actor you can be? Learn techniques that every professional actor uses in their process. We use various techniques and styles that help every type of actor and learner to be successful in their part and harness the true characters moods and emotions of the character and help you truly become the character. One way to do this is to learning how to break apart your script and learn who the character really is. You can have the voice and the look of your character but until you know the in depth feelings, emotions and development of who the character is, you won’t make it believable.

So let us show you these techniques and processes to make you a success!

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