Acting Classes

Acting is for all ages and levels from beginning acting through audition prep and getting an agent.

We guide you from foundational concepts through in-depth character development.

We even help you learn proper interview techniques in acquiring an agent. You need a good foundation starting with stage directions, terminology, do’s and don’ts, then build on that with real hands on techniques, not just theory, that you can use in the real world of acting, auditioning and more.

We want to help you be successful in the way you present yourself, create your characters believability, master cold reading tips for auditions as well as teach you the process of getting an agent and what that involves. No matter what you age or experience we can either help you get started with a good foundation and explore the art of acting, or we can expand on your experience toward becoming a professional in the field.

There are several types and styles of acting

We encompass several of them to give you a well-rounded education so you are ready for any situation, any type of audition and any type of acting. Knowing what directors are looking for and expect is important, so you don’t come up short handed. We hand pick monologues that will challenge you and showcase your talent so  you can use for future auditions as well as helping you polish them so they are ready to go.

What sets us apart of other acting schools?

Many acting classes strictly teach theory. Acting in St. Augustine strives to prepare you for the real world of acting in preparing you for all levels, styles and types of acting with hands on activities and processes you can use every day. Just like running a marathon, you train for the finish line. We help you train your voice, stage presence, presentation skills, character development, script techniques, terminology for on stage, television and film as well as preparing you for your success in interviews, agency policies and more.

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