Audition Prep

Audition Prep fully prepares you for every type of audition and key skills every director looks for.

Learn the techniques and requirements of in person and video auditions in today’s world.

Being prepared with every possible angle they may throw your way is important to a successful audition. All directors come from different types of acting styles and approaches, learning these different styles and approaches can give you the ability to walk in and determine what the best ways to approach your audition and act upon it.

There are specific requirements in today’s world that actors need to know to keep them safe, show themselves as a professionals and put you in the spotlight. Learning how to build your resume, create a proper head shot as per today’s requirements, how to create an agent letter of introduction, perfect the art of cold readings

Learn what is expected with audition improvisations and more.

Auditions require you to shine so picking the right monologue and working towards the character development within it to make it stand out is important. Learning scene techniques to use for auditions can come in handy to take you to the next level of an audition. Being prepared for you audition will give you that extra edge and attention to the director. Learn what directors are looking for, what they expect and what the do’s and don’ts are of auditions.

We help you do all this and more so you can go into your audition with confidence.

We even help you with interview techniques for the industry, whether you are being interviewed by a casting director or being interviewed by the press or an inquiring agent, we prepare you for all aspects of auditioning and interviewing skills to help you be successful!

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