Film and Television

Learn specific acting skills and techniques needed to get roles in film, television and commercials.

Our classes gets you familiar with terminology, directions and techniques to be successful. 

Acting for stage is the foundation, but there are several techniques and styles that are different in television and film acting. These types of auditions are different from stage auditions. Even when you get on set, there are different things you need to know in moving from stage to television or film that can help you gain more visibility.

This area of acting has a whole new level of developing your character and directions. There is terminology, camera directions or cues and techniques that in knowing will give you the inside tract to success.

Acting for stage is the foundation of all actors and that is where we start.

However, when moving in to film or television there are several techniques and styles that are different, so knowing the difference will help the director see you as a professional. Even reading a script for television or film takes on new dimensions so knowing how to read a film or television script and follow a scene will can give you that extra insight and make you look like a pro. 

Since film and television has the capability to go close up and more in depth  or personal it is important to learn ways to make your character even more believable for close ups, vocal projection and style. Even knowing all the steps, styles and personnel of the film and television industry will help you move and converse with ease. 

For example a set for shooting a commercial will be different than one for a film or the types of microphones or lighting and knowing how to manage to those differences will help you work as a team for the best possible outcome. Because this industry is fast paced and strict on time and budget, it is important to directors that you have the knowledgeable about t film and television sets workability, taping techniques and how schedules work and more.

Let us help you look like a professional in their eyes and give you that upper edge to success.

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