Stage Presence

Improve your stage presence, look confident and polished. Learn to eliminate stage or camera fright.

These classes help you give the best impression to your director and for your auditions.

So, learning ways to work the stage, work the audience and engage your director or audience can set you apart from other actors. Stage presence means showing the audience you are the best there is in the way you move, use hand gestures, developing a unique image of who you are and what you are can help you connect with the audience and director. Knowing the proper way to showcase yourself in front of an audience and capture their attention is the key to success!

Building stage presence can be what stands between you and the competition. Even if you make a mistake, forget your lines or movement, if you have stage presence your audience will never know. Learning these tips and tricks of the stage, television and film will keep you in the spotlight. Learn what makes you unique and capitalize on those features, special talents and style. Body language plays a big part of stage presence, learning simple movements and their meanings can help you project that star quality.

Stage presence and building confidence go hand in hand

Learn techniques that can help you excel in confidence that will lead you to the best stage presence you can have. You need to look confident and own the stage! You have the talent so share it with others in a positive way, engage them with your presence and leave them with a great feeling! Take your talent to the next level! Stage presence can be what stands between you being a good actor or becoming a “star!”

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